Keen to maintain quality, we obtained ISO 9002 Certification in October 1996. In 2006 we achieved the Gold Certificate and on 29th September 2023 we renewed our ISO 9001:2015 Certification and thus assuring our customers of quality service providing and product supply.




Our staff carefully check, photograph and pack all goods and shipments without exception. We also arrange sea, air and road transport for your orders. All our wooden or plywood boxes are manufactured according ISPM15 specification in order to guarantee a problem free global transport.


Known Consignor

As per March 2013 we have been granted the status of Known Consignor. This means extra check the safety of consignment that will be send by airfreight especially the contents of the consignment in order to prevent access by unauthorized people tampering the content of package. Our registration number is NL/KC/00424-00/0218.

In order to be able to know wether you consignment remained unopened between shipping and arrival we attache a Safety Seal (see picture).

Safety seal

If this seal is broken or missing on arrival you must contact your forwarder.

Please note that customs legislation in the Netherlands has changed.
Sometimes you ask to make an AWB directly in your name. No problem for us to arrange, but to do this according to customs regulations we need the completed and signed Direct Representation Direct Representation form. This must be correctly completed and signed by someone who is also authorized to sign according to the registration with the Chamber of Commerce. We also need proof that the person is allowed to sign. Without the proof, we can not arrange the requested for you.