Feb 28, 2013

ROB HEIJKOOP TRADING granted “known consigner” status.

The European regulations (EU Reg.300/2008 & EU Reg.185/2010) regarding air freight security standards come into full effect 29th April 2013.

Any company that did not receive approval prior to that date will be classed as a consignor of unsecured freight.

We are pleased to inform you however, that ROB HEIJKOOP TRADING has been granted “known consignor” status under these regulations with reference number NL/KC/00424-00/0218 in the “EU database of regulated agents and known consignors”.

Under the EU Regulations, air cargo security can only be achieved by permitting “secured” freight on board the aircraft.

This is achieved if freight consignments are checked before being loaded onto the aircraft or if a secure supply chain is observed. If there is no approved secure supply chain a mandatory security check will be required. This may well effect the transit time of air freight export shipments and generate extra charges.

By achieving “known consignor” status ROB HEIJKOOP TRADING is certified as part of the secure supply chain. In addition our appointed forwarder are regulated agents able to arrange airfreight, sea freight or courier service within the secure supply chain. Therefore our deliveries have the status “secured” freight and by using them you will save time and money.

Please note, if you wish us to use your forwarding agents please make sure that they are also regulated agents otherwise the freight will be considered as “unsecured” and a security check will be necessary which may impact on delivery time and cost. All of this is outside ROB HEIJKOOP TRADING’s control. You will face the same situation if you pick-up your goods from our warehouse. ROB HEIJKOOP TRADING cannot be hold liable for the consequences on transit time and additional costs in these cases.